Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Corporate/Transactional Law


Our clients range from the world’s largest technology companies to sophisticated closely-held corporations operating in a variety of industries to innovative start-ups. In turn, we counsel these clients on:

  • Forming, funding and growing their businesses;
  • Putting in place the legal framework to bring their products and services to market;
  • Managing legal risks;
  • Making strategic and financial acquisitions;
  • Licensing in and out technology;
  • Commercial leasing;
  • Partnering and joint venturing with large and small partners; and
  • Selling their business to strategic and financial buyers.


Technology and Intellectual Property


Our technology and intellectual property practice focuses on helping our clients protect, acquire and commercialize intellectual property. Our experience encompasses an array of industries and technologies, from computer software, healthcare IT, big data, and cloud-based solutions and apps. We have served as senior executive inside counsel and outside counsel to Fortune 500 software and technology companies and innovative start-ups. We have been responsible for assisting these clients in:

  • Protecting their innovations;
  • Managing their intellectual property portfolios;
  • Establishing and managing best-in-class global IP licensing programs; and
  • Licensing technology in from and out to strategic partners. Whether you need help negotiating and drafting a single technology transaction, or want to establish an end-to-end licensing program, we have the experience and resources to help you reach your business and legal goals.


Healthcare IT


Our Healthcare IT practice combines two areas of law and experience that few law firms can match. Our attorneys have a rare combination of in-depth information technology experience and real-world experience representing some of the world’s largest healthcare technology companies. Our Healthcare IT clients benefit from our understanding of the nuances of healthcare law, and years of experience successfully closing high-stakes transactions for the most demanding clients in the industry. We have assisted these clients in:

  • Protecting their intellectual property;
  • Commercializing their products and services;
  • Navigating a complex and constantly changing regulatory environment;
  • Managing unique end-of-technology life and end of business relationship issues; and
  • Entering into a variety of strategic partnerships.



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